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Welcome to IK Fyris Uppsala curling!

IK Fyris Uppsala curling has activities for everyone. In addition to regular training sessions (see below), we have special activities for beginner juniors, a little more experienced juniors and day off/pensioners. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see some pictures from the club.

When the rink opens, we will have several "try curling" opportunities where you can come and try curling completely free of charge. More information about this will be available on our website at the end of September. If you want us to contact you when the season starts, fill in contact information here.

We will also arrange courses in small groups with experienced and skilled instructors for you who want to develop your curling game.

Curling is not an expensive sport - cheaper than most! In the beginning, you can also borrow equipment free of charge. We have reduced fees for juniors, students and Tuesday members (daytime activities on Tuesdays). More information about our fees can be found here.

IK Fyris Uppsala Curling section

IK Fyris Uppsala curling section has training times on Monday and Wednesday evenings plus Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons and evenings. In addition to the special "try curling" times above, you are also always welcome to our trainings on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays to try. Feel free to contact us via e-mail (This is a mailto link) and we will help you get started!

Day off/Pensioners - Tuesday member

On Tuesday mornings, we have special training for day off/pensioners. There we draw lots for teams and play in a friendly and relaxed way. In recent years, we have also had a "veteran competition" against other clubs in Borlänge, Gävle and Sundbyberg. During the coming season, we also plan to arrange more training sessions with instructors so you can learn more and get better. We also have a special, slightly lower season fee if you just want to be a "Tuesday member".

Junior activities

Junior training is available for both beginners and those a little more experienced. These sessions are led by very skilled, trained junior coaches. For more information, take a look at our junior page.


Equipment can be borrowed in the hall. Curling shoes in all sizes and brooms can be borrowed. We also have aids such as "crutches" and "sticks" to lend out if you have poor balance or do not want to/ cannot go down to slide. Helmets are also available and are mandatory for beginners.

The curling hall maintains a temperature of about + 7 ° C. It is difficult to give a clothing proposal that suits everyone, but if you think you are going to take a walk one day when it is + 7 ° C and windless, you will probably be quite properly dressed. Gloves are recommended if you get cold easily. You should also have comfortable, soft pants such as tracksuits, sweatpants or stretch. We recommend that you do NOT wear tight trousers or jeans since these make it difficult to squat. Lightweight jackets are available to borrow.

If you are interested in

  • Events and parties
  • A compnay league
  • Meetings
  • After-work
  • Hen parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Family fun!


If you are intrerested in booking one or more sheets of ice for these kind of activities, then contact Curlingcompaniet!

A few pictures from our club!

_DSC4453 Jeff Martin
_DSC4676 Jeff Martin
_DSC5621 Jeff Martin
DSC_0397 Jeff Martin
DSC_6445 Jeff Martin
DSC_8911 Jeff Martin
DSC_9928 Jeff Martin
DSC_9980 Jeff Martin

IK Fyris Uppsala - Curling
Fyrisparksvägen 3
75267 Uppsala

Fyrisparksvägen 3
75267 Uppsala

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